NetGenie Protects your Home Network

Protect your Kids from Negative Internet Content





The Internet has become a vital part of our daily life. Adults as well as children are depending very much on internet to search for information, connecting with friends, connecting with business counter-parts, etc etc.


As parents, you are :

  • worried that your children might be exposed unwanted and negative internet content while using the Internet.
  • worried that your children spend too much time on social networking
  • worried that your children become victims to online predator
  • worried that your children are spending more time on online gaming and not doing their school works

The list can go on and on with every possibilities.
Introducing NetGenie HOME to your home network.

Worry no more if your kids go online secretly in their rooms or when you are not at home. NetGenie enables you to easily set age-appropriate Internet controls for your kids that block adult/unsafe Internet content, inappropriate for their age-group. Control their access to Facebook, Skype, games and other websites and applications with NetGenie’s schedule-based Internet controls.

NetGenie also protects your home Wi-Fi network against viruses and hackers over any internet-access device like desktopslaptops, and smartphones used to surf the Internet at home. Get user-based Internet activity reports with NetGenie that updates you on websites and applications your kids went to.

3 Years Security Updates

NetGenie comes with 3 Years Security Updates.
Parental Controls (Website filtering, Applications filtering), Anti-Virus and Intrusion Prevention System

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