Features of NetGenie SOHO



Protection against Hacking

Protect your office network from hackers and unauthorized attempts. NetGenie’s customizable firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection and NAT capabilities, Denial of Service protection, MAC Binding and Intrusion Prevention keep unauthorized outsiders at bay.

Protection against Viruses & Malware

NetGenie’s regularly updated in-built Anti-Virus offers latest protection against computer viruses, mobile malware, spyware, and more that enter your network through unprotected Internet surfing. Keep your office network as well as devices that you use to connect to the Internet – like laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and more – protected from unwanted downloads and installation of harmful programs.

Industry-standard Encryption

NetGenie’s industry-standard encryption technologies – WEP, WPA, WPA2 ensure that only authorized users connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Secure Access to Remote Resources

Get secure access to network resources located at remote offices of vendors or your main corporate office, while sitting in your office with NetGenie’s Virtual Private Network feature.

Save on Time and Cost of Doing Business

NetGenie saves you on time and cost to access resources lying at your vendor’s office, in your corporate office, or any other location anywhere in the world, through a secure channel. This allows you continuous collaboration and exchange of information with your business associates spread around the world, in real time and securely.

3G Ready

Share Internet Connectivity of Your USB Modem

Plug in your USB broadband or 3G modem to NetGenie and share your 3G Internet connection with more than one user in your office at the same time.

Cost-effective Utilization of Your 3G Modem

Optimize the cost of using your 3G modem with NetGenie that terminates Internet connection over 3G modem when you remain idle over the Internet for the duration of time pre-defined by you. This intelligent feature eliminates wasteful expenses of using your 3G Internet connection.

Internet Controls

Block Harmful Internet Content

NetGenie offers a protective shield from harmful Internet content for your office by managing Internet activities of your employees over all devices like laptops, desktops, iPads, iPhones, and more. Block unsafe websites, adult sites, online shopping sites, games and more for your employees with NetGenie.

Increase Office Productivity

Manage the applications and websites your employees’ can access over the Internet to enhance your office productivity. NetGenie’s advanced Internet controls enable you to allow or block specific Internet activities of your employees – limit their access to chat over Skype and Yahoo Messenger, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, undesirable sites like job portals, movie downloads, and more. NetGenie gives you the assurance that unproductive Internet content will remain blocked in your office even when you are traveling or are physically away from the office premises. You can restrict access to specific websites and applications with NetGenie’s time-based controls that limit user access to specified hours or duration of the day.

Easy-to-Manage Internet Access

Setting up Internet controls is simple with NetGenie! Internet restrictions are scaled by NetGenie as List Only, Strict, Moderate, Minimal and Safe Surfing – just slide from one level to the other to create the level of Internet controls for each office user. NetGenie’s pre-categorized websites and applications take away the inconvenience of manually putting in the website URLs you need to add or block.

Customize Internet Access based on Your Needs

NetGenie gives you the flexibility to add specific websites that should be allowed/blocked to match the Internet access needs of your employees. NetGenie’s ‘Website Exceptions’ feature enables you to apply a universal rule for customizing Internet access for all office users with just a few clicks.

Reports on Online Activities

NetGenie gives you all information you need about security in your office network as well as your employees’ Internet activities– websites visited, online applications used, attempts to visit blocked websites and more – with its logs and reports.’

Pre-Configured Wi-Fi Security

Stay Secure from the moment ‘GO’

Your office Wi-Fi network becomes secure the moment you turn on NetGenie. The pre-set security settings in NetGenie prevent your office network from becoming an open hotspot, blocking unauthorized devices from connecting to your network, without the need to manually configure complex security settings.

Industry-Standard Encryption

NetGenie comes with industry-standard encryption technologies – WEP, WPA, WPA2 that ensures only authorized users use your office Wi-Fi network.


Monitor Online Activities of Employees

Know what your employees are doing online without the need to physically monitor their Internet activities. NetGenie gives you real-time reports on websites visited and applications used by them without interrupting their Internet sessions. Know about attempts to access blocked sites and applications.

Security Reports

Get security reports on intrusion and virus attacks to stay updated on the security status of your office network.

Web-based GUI

Flexibility to Configure and Manage NetGenie

Managing NetGenie is easy with its web-based GUI. NetGenie’s GUI can be accessed over any of your Internet-access devices like iPad, iPhone, laptop, desktop and more, within your office network. The web-based GUI enables you to manage your employees’ Internet access settings without intruding their privacy or interrupting their Internet sessions.

Ease of Use with No Software Installation

With NetGenie, you get the ease of use of managing Internet activities of your office users over multiple Internet-access devices without the need to install software on any of these devices.